Apple of my Pie

The pie we baked today was so good…crispy, flaky crust, juicy apples inside…that Lily and I both ate two slices apiece.  Right before bedtime.  Gah!

A day of making: turkey wine cork place cards and the above mentioned pie.  Also, various messes in numerous rooms.

Surprise of happy times 2:  Sam was home early and here when we pulled in from swimming and I was ambushed by a whole herd of deer on my walk.  Some ran in front and some behind me.  Startled me a bit but certainly helped wake me up!

What?  7:38 and everyone is in bed?  Yes!  Lily and Ollie are eating huge amounts of food, this a growth spurt?  Side note:  everyone remains in their original percentiles-Lily is wee, Ollie is average, Emmy is big!  (O had a checkup earlier in the week)

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