Passing it on

Remember how Lily ran around naked or costumed or nearly bare while we lived in CA?  And how when we first moved here the Baker Boys didn’t know what to make of her doing those things?  Then summer turned to fall and fall to winter and she simply couldn’t do it anymore.  She has passed the baton of naked to her little sister and a change is a’coming soon.  Little Miss Em needs to keep her clothes on and she simply refuses to be reasonable.  Let’s face it, when you are that cute and “free” years old, being reasonable is not a strength.

Ollie and I worked together and then he finished independently his first {entire} LEGO creation.  It was a birthday present from Jack, a Jr. LEGO set featuring Batman.  Just his speed.  Of course, Sam wanted to get him these but I just didn’t know how well they would match his skill level.  Thank goodness for multiple perspectives when raising kids🐵🙊🙈🙉

Finally, I am grateful for somehow magically keeping a straight head in the face of trauma.  So poor Owen managed to hurt himself pretty badly* but in these situations when I would think I would start to panic, time slows down and I can see what needs to be done.  We walked him home and his grandparents took over.  But it was so calm.  Same thing happened when Lily hurt her ear last year, or when someone is throwing up and I’m catching it in my hands.  Is it the magic of motherhood?  Or the miracle of experience and empathy?  Maybe a little of both.  (*ripped a fingernail completely-completely off his finger–grisly).

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