We got just a small taste of spring today…and was it ever a breath of fresh air (literally)!  A long walk in the morning with Emmy, all day outside playing in the mud for the older kids.  Ollie had a birthday party to go to.  When I returned home from the party and grocery shopping, I found the neighborhood in the backyard.  Before leaving, Landon showed up with a metal detector and everyone commenced to digging up my front garden.  I shooed them back to the trampoline and backyard area.  Upon my return, a 2 foot hole had been dug, lined with a tarp and water filled it.  Some kids were in bathing suits.  While I told Lily they could dig in the backyard, I failed to tell her that I only meant little divots.  My bad.  Guess Ollie and his trucks will have a good place to drive around when spring really does arrive 🙂

It is 6 and they are still outside which makes everyone happy.  We are eating mac’n for dinner.  O Happy Day!

And in other news:  I started a homeschool blog.  wellermomma.com

Feel free to check it out.  Mostly it is to hold all the ideas and book recommends I give on Periscope.  I just need more fun in my life!  🙂



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