Crack up

There were so many times I laughed out loud today at the kids.  In delight.  In amusement. In wonder.  (In exasperation: #truth)  Emmy and her wildness.  Lily and her singleminded-ness (and shrewd assessment of the Grammy outfits on replay).  Ollie and his love/hate relationship with zombies.  They are all so busy and loud and wild.  I felt like I owned the most feral children on the block this weekend since they drug all.the.dirt. into the house and often left their clothes strewn on the lawn…but they are so original and confident.  How can one not appreciate that?

One thought on “Crack up

  1. They are so lucky they have a mom that does appreciate it…looks beyond the mess and noisy to their creativeness, joy, and true intent! (Usually:-)

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