Sun Sapped

Or Zapped…either way, the sunshine gave us energy to play outside all day long. Everyone sat at the dinner table red-faced and slightly crispier than they were this morning.  Warm April days always seem hotter because the trees haven’t leafed out yet.  There were cries for sprinklers but none for popsicles, only because no one remembered where they are hidden.  The garage is cleaned and ready to set up messy science and art projects.  While I know the weather might change, the week made me so happy to be living in the springtime!  We started seeds on Friday.  Ollie has been diligent in his observation, looking for signs of change.  His peas have actually started to sprout.  Lily’s flowers and Emmy’s carrots and watermelon should be showing signs of green by the end of the week.  Lissa is visiting and brought along some cast-off goodies from a country club in Cleveland that is closing.  We have bags of money, drink order pads,  accounts payable checks and other various casino-like stuff.  If you visit, expect for Emmy to ask you what you want to drink and show you to your table.


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