Hello Little Blog I Love

I miss seeing you everyday.  Where did my habit go?  Vacation. Other writing.  School.  Time whizzing by.  Sorry, blog.

Today was a beautiful day!  We went in search of a trellis for Ollie’s pea plants (and possibly chickens).  I was saved from myself because there were only three lonely, less than cute nearly grown chicks.  One may have been a rooster…they did not know for sure…just a mixed lot from the hatchery.  While Sam is willing to do away with bodies, I don’t think we would have the heart to let a rooster go to be something’s dinner in the woods.  Or responsible for a feral rooster in the woods of Gibsonia.  Maybe next year….

But, peas have been planted and trellis is erect.  Lily was out playing all day with Mia, then Olivia, then Landon, then Bryce and Seth.  Ollie went to Jack’s birthday party. Because they are BFFs.  And little Miss Em was my tag along-overnight, on a walk, picking out gardening gloves, planting things, and trying not to sleep in the warm car after dropping off Ollie.  Lily did her hair and nails this morning and she walked around with tiny curls all day long. Lily actually got to brunch her hair out; I think I will encourage this beauty alliance.  

Off to bed…morning comes quickly.

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