My Walk

During our visit I got to go on a walk.  I know.  Big deal, right?  Well, these days, it IS a big deal.  I don’t find time to do it on any regular basis.  I miss my walks.  It was the time I could breathe, listen to some music or a book on tape and mull over whatever was on my mind.  So, yes, I thought I would document some of the things I found on my walk.  It was a really pretty day and I chose to walk down the quiet road, Rock Hollow, which includes some hills.  Strapped on Emmeline and we were ready to go!

The last photo is a big hill that, as kids, the boys and I and our neighbors spent lots of time exploring.  Mostly, we used it for sledding but it also was a great way to shortcut the fast curve in the road to get to one house or the other.  Once, while we walked up to our house, there were gutted fish hanging on the trees by the curve.  I don’t know how the fish got there or why they were there but I think that picture will never leave my mind.  It was strange and obviously made an impression on me.  Those fish made me take the shortcut for a long time after we saw them…just so I wouldn’t have to walk by the trees again.

Happy Birthday to Great-Gramma

The kids and I sent a care package to Gramma Hughes for her 90th birthday.  We couldn’t be there to celebrate that day so we thought a box of cake mix would be a good way to tell her we think she is sweet.  So when we got to the Hurley Compound, Lily was ready to bake!  Once Brent and Jessica arrived, a nice dinner and dessert was planned.  Good food, catching up on news and the amusing antics of three little Wees…and, of course, cupcakes!  There was even a dance performance for our after-dinner entertainment.


Birdsboro or Bust

As we are able to do now every couple of months, it was off to Gramma and Grampa’s for a few days.  A new friend came along:  Svea the Moose.  Svea is a friend from Sweden who got to come along on our adventure from Lily’s preschool.  The International Project has paired her class with one in Sweden and one in Australia.  She has been a good little moose–everyone who was on board for the trip was amazing.  We only stopped twice and there was very little whining or crying from anyone.  Good Job, Weller Kids!

On this visit we are looking forward to seeing friends {me}, enjoying some fall activities {everyone}, gathering some eggs {especially Ollie and Lil}, and playing with Brent and Jessica who will be flying in from California for a brief visit.

Sun with Wind, 55*

Had to laugh as I spoke to another couple at the playground today.  After a morning of rain, the sky cleared in time for us to go to Touch a Truck in the afternoon.  But it was quite windy and in the fifties but we all agreed it was a beautiful day.  So much for CA days :-).  Wind nor colder temps kept the kids from enjoying playing and exploring the vehicles.  Horns honked, lollipops were sucked, and tractors, earth movers, cranes and ATV’s were climbed upon.  At first Lily didn’t know what to make of it and was a little surly but as we came to a race car and the race car’s trailer, she perked up.  It was just like Lightening McQueen’s!  After that both kids were excited to explore.


I have been so antsy to get going on things creative.  I was considering scrapbooking again but that is so 1999 to me. And I tried blogging our life beginning last year but just didn’t keep up with it.  I suppose moving cross-country, again, didn’t help.  But then I found WordPress the other day and I fell in love.  Since I’ve been taking lots and lots of photos thanks to Instagram (you can follow me at wellermomma, btw), I figured I would attempt to blog again.  So far, this week, so good 🙂  I do love writing down those things I mustn’t forget.  Hope you enjoy it, too!

A Day in the {autumnal} Life

Totally weird fungi we found exploding out of the mulch. Looked like a spooky skull. We spiked it with the rake and flung it around until it smashed all over the ground.

Our walk

Painting and coloring with markers


We raked some leaves up and Lily enjoyed her first jump into them

Today was a nice day.  It was just gorgeous outside-sun, cooler, a little breeze that sent the leaves tumbling down softly.  A bonus was that Gramma Lissa was here.  French toast, a walk for me with Emmy, playing outside, some artistic work, and the playground-start to end.  Sam has been working hard (busy, budget season) and getting home late; we miss him.

At the playground watching middle schoolers play soccer

Emmeline Makes 3!

Emmy is the third (& final??) wee to join our family. She arrived on a clear blue-sky, HOT day in late August. There were a lot of expectations I held for her delivery, our hospital stay and her, in general. I hoped for a healthy, hearty girl, first of all. {check} I hoped for an easy and peaceful, kinda zen delivery experience. Except for that woozy, throwing up period, I’d say {check} And I hoped that I would have a quiet room where I could recover, sleep whenever and people would bring me food and prescription drugs on demand. {check} Yay, West Penn Hospital and Doctor Bergman. Also, kudos to my anesthesiologist and her team~totally awesome and calming (re: woozy and throwing up period).

Private L & D room, thanks to Sam

Sam and I found the hospital, found recovery, found a crazy woman in there who was moaning and he took charge to find a quiet room in which to prepare. Thank you, Sam. She was ridiculous! Dr. Bergman finally decided to show up 😉 and I walked into the OR, anxious to meet our little girl!

Emmeline Meredith

9:03AM 7lbs, 4oz 19 inches
The best noise in the world = a newborn’s first cry. I breathe such a sigh of relief. Chip, chop, it was done and eventually we rolled into our room where we would hang out for 4 days. It was easy and quiet and lovely to spend time with her, alone. But I missed the other Wees and was very happy to go home on Thursday with Sam. He treated me to Mad Mex on the way and then we started our new normal with 3littlewees.

Sweet Baby Emmy: Good Sleeper

Of Whom We Will Speak

Here they are…the 3 precious and utterly fascinating little Wee’s.  I don’t even know where the whole Wee thing started.  I think Sam or I called each other that before kids and now it has passed on to them. Each one has had their own special nickname (Buca Boo and Bubba or Bubs–oh, wait, the baby doesn’t have one yet-she is still too new) outside of the Wee but collectively they are known as the Wees.  Sam still sometimes let’s it bleed over, as in:


H:  Hello?

S:  Hey Wee.  How are the Wees?

I guess it could get confusing or sound really strange but I think it is charming and sweet.  We all belong to each other.  That’s for certain.