Apple of my Pie

The pie we baked today was so good…crispy, flaky crust, juicy apples inside…that Lily and I both ate two slices apiece.  Right before bedtime.  Gah!

A day of making: turkey wine cork place cards and the above mentioned pie.  Also, various messes in numerous rooms.

Surprise of happy times 2:  Sam was home early and here when we pulled in from swimming and I was ambushed by a whole herd of deer on my walk.  Some ran in front and some behind me.  Startled me a bit but certainly helped wake me up!

What?  7:38 and everyone is in bed?  Yes!  Lily and Ollie are eating huge amounts of food, this a growth spurt?  Side note:  everyone remains in their original percentiles-Lily is wee, Ollie is average, Emmy is big!  (O had a checkup earlier in the week)

That One With The Tick

I’ll be thankful for antibiotic double doses and flu vaccines today. After discovering a hungry tick embedded in my arm this morning, we went to urgent care. Now I won’t battle Lymeūüē∑ for the holidays!

Grateful for copywork.  I found 180 poems a recent Poet laureate suggested everyone know.  While Lily works on her writing, now I work on mine.

The mild weather has made staying on top of leaf removal easier…especially after the overhaul/cleanup weekend a few weeks ago.  Thankful I only need to drag 2-3 piles every few weeks.  

Sweet boys who sing Thanksgiving songs to me. 

Fresh baked focaccia with soup…which was not a dinner matching the weather but it was tasty.  Soup seems to be the best way to veggies into the kids…besides carrots and peppers. 

Beginning to End

From the start of the day til the end, it was full of those things I’m most thankful for.  

the sunrise and clouds were especially unique this morning


always a little extra sizzle and spice to her outfits


i mean, c’mon, look at her


brave fella who got not 1, not 2, but 3 vaccinations today


delish homemade butter from Girl Scout meeting


Conferences Fall 2015

This morning I met with Emmy and Ollie’s teachers at EuroAcademy to hear about their progress. ¬†I have no concerns and only wanted to see what they have been up to since school began in September.

Emmy, no surprise, loves school. ¬†And she is quite the friend. ¬†While being nearly the youngest in her Piccoli class, she helps others with their shoes in the morning, watches over the others and especially loves Viyam. ¬†And she gravitates to the boys. ¬†Of course, she is always smiling and really “with it”. ¬†Oh, she also has a mind of her own and is particular when it comes to projects and how she wants hers to turn out.

Ollie is also having a great year.  While he missed Jack (and his other friends who moved up to Grandissimi this year), he has made friends with everyone in his class.  He is friendly and considerate. He has much to offer in class discussions and is super-curious.  Miss Amy notices he is drawn to building things whenever given the chance.  Having mastered his first name he is moving on to his last name (and his middle name, too, at home)!

And even though I didn’t have to meet with Lily’s teacher (ha!), here’s an academic update on her. ¬†Lily’s handwriting is improving by leaps and bounds; so is her writing stamina. ¬†She chooses to write more often and has become more comfortable telling her own stories. ¬†Of course, we continue to work on spelling, but as with all typical 2nd graders, this is a time to invent and try out the rules of language. ¬†Lily really likes to know what to expect in her day, however, she gets tired of the same thing. ¬†I have found if I provide her with a gentle routine of how the day will run ¬†but mix up the way we do each thing, she is happy. ¬†She has a firm understanding of numbers and is getting the hang of paying attention to details when she goes back over answers. ¬†She is learning to work together to set goals and expectations and make plans we look forward to.


Howler Monkeys and Giraffes and Komodo Dragons, oh my!

We couldn’t have picked a nicer, more perfect day for the zoo. When we pulled in a pet of me freaked out that it was, in fact, closed since the parking lot was empty. But, no, just a low attendance day, even though it was beautiful. Bonus?  Gramma Lissa was here to enjoy the day with us!  

Ollie was in his zookeeper garb. The animals were more active than usual. We witnessed a tiger leap, gracefully, powerfully, across a great open crevasse, a Komodo dragon spread eagle lying on the heated floor of the exhibit, a springbok run circles around the habitat, reminding us of Maggie, and a polar bear playfully swimming in his cold water. And we made it through the whole zoo and played on all the playgrounds (that we have never even seen before!). Fun. 


Wonderful Weekend

There was playing and cleaning up.  There were happy children.  There was outside with friends play, all day.  There was welcoming Gramma Lissa for a visit!  There was leaf blowing in the sunshine-y yard.  There was cafe mocha and a bookstore.  There was a board game.  There was sushi!  There are tired, but not cranky, children.  There was time to relax and time to spend with each other.  There was recipe making and reading.  There was a photo shoot.  There was laundry and face paint.  There will be sleep, sweet sleep, before too long!


I am quite thankful that even though I might be getting a cold I could still walk and play and pick up and make soup.

I am thankful that I can listen to fun podcasts while I walk.

I am most thankful that the candles (faux) led me to a cleaned up room (Lily always loves to set the mood–for anything situation!).

I am happy thankful for someone to juggle the kids with–especially when one insists on dancing during dinner. xo



I got out of bed
on two strong legs.
It might have been
otherwise. I ate
cereal, sweet
milk, ripe, flawless
peach. It might
have been otherwise.
I took the dog uphill
to the birch wood.
All morning I did
the work I love.

At noon I lay down
with my mate. It might
have been otherwise.
We ate dinner together
at a table with silver
candlesticks. It might
have been otherwise.
I slept in a bed
in a room with paintings
on the walls, and
planned another day
just like this day.
But one day, I know,
it will be otherwise.

‚ÄĒJane Kenyon

Thankful for safe havens and warm snuggles, hot tea and costumes.  Thankful for days hectic and filled to the brim.  Thankful for chaos and loudness and messy fingers.  Thankful for angels watching over us.  It may have been otherwise.

On the Twelfth Day of Thanks{giving}

It is making me chuckle at how much Lily loves the original Electric Factory with its trippy graphics and 1970’s stars.

How often do you get to see your son tromp downstairs for school sporting a shirt and tie and … gray sweatpants?

I discovered Emmy chowing down on Nutella this morning. While it should have ended up on her muffin, it somehow got smeared all over her face.

The mild weather continues! ¬†But today it was mild and WINDY…the trees are beautiful and scary when they blow in the wind like that…so close to the house.

Talking on the phone and laughing, laughing.  Good stuff!

A Surprise of Happy

What was your surprise of happy today?


~I discovered Ollie parked his car and lowered the garage door without being asked.

~I enjoyed one shot of gingerbread flavor in my Starbucks latte this morning.

~Along with Arla we have  plan of attack in place.

~We bowled with our rotting pumpkins, down the back hill into the woods.