Sugar Cookie

1.  Geography study is sweet!  We baked up a Pennsylvania shaped cookie and marked Gibsonia, Harrisburg and Birdsboro with chocolate chips. 

2.  Grateful for a day snuggling and wrestling with Emmy. How can you fail to love this girl even as you fight to not lock her in her room so she will stay out of the things!

3.  Authors: Lily is working on an adventure story a la Magic Treehouse and tomorrow Ollie wants to begin his own mystery story which includes zombies among other monsters. 

4.  SodaStream: giving me lots of chilled bubbly water today to keep me hydrated 

5.  Waking up to a quiet house and getting that first hot cup of coffee down before everyone woke up!


Know it was a great day.  Know we are thankful for lots.  Know I am tired and my ears hurt a little bit from the cold I am fighting.  Know I am going to bed shortly.  It will be another night of restful sleep and snuggly goodness.  I can’t wait!  I’m just stumped on the list of things I am thankful for today.  But I am grateful for a full day spent with little people who are cool and can’t wait for tomorrow to do it all over again!


You probably know I get up before everyone else so I can get myself ready to charge when people stumble downstairs hungry and rubbing sleep from their eyes.  Instead, this morning, I woke up to someone tiptoeing out of my bedroom, looking over to a mug of hot coffee and my yogurt with grapefruit and grapenuts, and the sun shining.  Whoops.. it was already after 7!  Sweet Lily made me breakfast in bed, helped get everyone some chocolate milk and turned on Zoboomafoo.  Independence!  I like it!

  1.  Breakfast in bed.
  2. “Sleeping in”
  3. Curling up and reading even though the sun was still out and they could still be outside playing.  Everyone wanted to take it easy and relax; I was happy to oblige.
  4. Aforementioned, Zoboomafoo.  I remember when little Quinn watched this Kratt brother show that predates Wild Kratts.  Everyone is caught singing the songs from it all day long.  More animal shows.  Yay!
  5. NyQuil.  I am going to take some tonight and hope to wake up without a cold tomorrow.  And get non-dream sleep.  Those Jurassic dinosaurs kept me up last night!

Gray Skies

While it should have made me blue, in fact, the gray sky and cold wind that blew today helped me get in the mood for Thanksgiving.  Right now I am looking out at breaking clouds and a pinky-orange sunset that foretells a clear sunny day tomorrow. 

1.   Squirrel fashion

2.  Day date with Dada:  all the kids got to enjoy lunch and haircuts with Sam today. I got to sneak to HomeGoods and Dicks👍🏻

3.  A nap:  Emmy fell asleep coming back from the day date and the transfer from car to bed was successful. Here’s to an easy bedtime tonight!

4.   Lemon Cheesecake:

5.  Birkenstocks:  I bought my first and only pair before leaving for college in 1992.  I am still wearing them but am in the market for a new pair. Looked on Zappos today. Still feeling too sentimental to part with this current pair just yet. 

Here’s the Six Days of Thankful Thoughts

It sure does wonders for your psyche when you can just focus on the good stuff you’ve got going on!

Here’s what’s going on…

  1.  Swimming.  Period.  The kids are wild about it.  They got to go to the hotel and swim this morning before G&G checked out.  Very much fun.
  2. Hamsters that sing Eye of the Tiger.  For some reason the radio has been playing this song and I think I told the kids it was a favorite when I grew up, even beyond the great tearful talent show legend attached to it.  But for some reason, there was a hamster in the Christmas section at Lowe’s singing the tune.  While it doesn’t make me think of Christmas, it does make me laugh.
  3. Ceilings and Swings!  Who knew both could make us so happy in our classroom?!?
  4. Dinner everyone eats and that some even compliment (I can usually count on either Lily or Ollie, but neither on the same night).  Tonight Ollie loved the sauce that accompanied the meatballs.
  5. The possibility of Jurassic World in a little bit…

75* in the Shade

“Have you ever been dreaming and then you are dreaming that you are peeing and then…”

I love listening to Ollie talk before bed.  #1 gratitude

Barefoot (and bare bottoms for some) in November #2 gratitude

Hearing the Thank You’s expressed #3 gratitude

Lopping (the bushes, the shrubs, the weeds, the dead flowers) #4 gratitude

Quick and easy solutions to things; a different perspective on a problem #5 gratitude

Whistle While You Work

Today was all about work: school work, home work, yard work.

  1. Grateful for a last visit from G&G Hurley before they jet off to California for the winter!
  2. Grateful for 20,000 steps.
  3. Grateful for the right tools and the right know-how.
  4. Grateful for the writing that is starting to happen here in school.
  5. Grateful for a backyard has been transformed.

Get Outside

I am going to order a sunlight/sun lamp for the winter because I love the sun and the clouds really, really, embarrassingly affect my mood.  So because it was gorgeous and sunny out today, I decided to soak it in and promised myself I would be proactive with the mood swings coming with the change in weather.

  1. Shutting up~I can talk over the people I love.  Tonight when Ollie asked what a heart attack is, I kept quiet, only asking what he thought it was.  I am glad I did.  Bryce told him he almost had a heart attack when he thought Ollie had fallen off the trampoline so he was curious.  In this case, it was just an expression and not the real life-threatening situation.  I love explaining those things to O.
  2. Book Clubs~no, not for me…Lily joined a book club today.  So now she is busily reading away upstairs.  It is an online forum for lovers of Magic TreeHouse.  Should be interesting how it all goes down!
  3. Unbridled, unabashed laughter~Emmy, for some reason, thought that sticking her finger up her nose and then having me pull it out and say, “No, no!” was the most hilarious thing in the world.  She embodied LOL for a solid 10 minutes tonight as we tried to get ready for bed.
  4. Pie~Lily has chosen 4 different pie recipes to try over the month.  Apple pie is scheduled for Thanksgiving.  This week:  Lemon cheesecake (pie?)…
  5. Bonus summer~This weather is the the very best.  I can’t get over it.  I am so grateful we will have another few days to enjoy the sun and warmth!

Day 2

1.  Parallelograms and Congruent shapes: this was our math lesson today. Lily just soaks these things in; I will assess her weeks later and she has the idea of what we learned earlier.    
2.  Temperatures in the 60’s in November: do I need to explain this?  My feet have been sore lately. Conclusion I’ve come to:  have only needed to wear real shoes a handful of times and my feet wish to be bare. 

3.  Sunshine makes everything better. 

4.  Sisters (and brothers):  the kids played with each other for 2 hours this afternoon after school was through. 

5.  Call me crazy but the time change makes calling the kids on at 5 a breeze. We had baths and pjs on before dinner. 

Month of Gratitude

November?  How is this happening?  And what an easy day to start counting my blessings!  Look for the month to be filled with daily reflections of thankfulness.  I love how this exercise stretches me each year.

1.  The Time Change: While parents of young kids could not take advantage of the extra hour today, the time change did gift us with a bedtime everyone was ready for!  Since the 3littlewees woke up at 5:30, by  7:00 they were yawning.  Especially being full of…

2.  Chicken in the crockpot:  chicken, lots of salt, fresh herbs, on high for the day.  Viola.  A tasty dinner served with minimal work.  

3.  Being in it together:  I asked for a Christmas cage for Emmy; only half kidding about that as a gift.  She is the most fearsome and fabulous, strongest little sucker with a mind made up to do what she wants.  At least Sam and I could have a good laugh about it at dinner when she refused to sit in her seat to eat.

4.  Clean bedrooms:  yesterday the bedrooms were cleared, cleaned, freshened up and now stand open and ready for playing and cartwheels.  I’m so grateful for the look of it while it lasts.

5.  Beautiful days:  it could be snowing by now.  I wondered why my feet were sore; I haven’t gotten used to wearing shoes yet.  That tells you how mild it has been.  Love it!